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Multicoloured camouflage cashmere jumper

179 euro

Rock the Goat

Rock the Goat
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Fashionable camouflage jumper in finest 2/28 highest quality 100% cashmere. The colours are light green, light blue and grey. Knitted in 12 gague. This sweater comes with a tight rib detail across the hemline, cuffs and neckline. A real fashion statement. Made in Italy.
No need to wash your garment after each wear, but your sweater loves to be washed on a regular basis especially when new in order to reduce the excess of fiber, which could create some pilling. But remember that it is often enough to just vent the garment in fresh air. Washing machine: it is ok to wash cashmere in a washing machine, use the wool programe with short wash, never more than 30 degrees ( 85 degrees Farenheit). Please note we do not recommend using a top loader to wash your cashmere garments. Remember to never use fabric softener. By hand: simply soak the garment in a basin of water with wool detergent gently massage with hands and then squeeze excess water out. Ironing: use the wool setting on your iron and with a pressing cloth, iron on the wrong side (the inside) of the fabric. Use steam is also a good idea.





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